School Visits

“I can’t even describe how AMAZING this day was. Every student should have a chance to have these authors visit their school.”
— Kelly Pudiwitr, Librarian, Bakersfield, CA
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“I laughed so hard my stomach hurt!”
— Paige, 4th grader, Los Angeles, CA

Laugh to Write Assembly

This fast-paced, interactive assembly brings the writing process to life! Annabeth & Connor use comedic performance and improvisation to teach character creation, story structure, and narrative voice. Students get the chance to come up with brand new characters and work together to create their own story, which Annabeth & Connor perform on the spot.

Annabeth & Connor have visited over 100 schools in nine states!

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I have been in education for 26 years, that was one of the very best assemblies I have ever seen! Your energy, humor, ability to relate to kids - and your messages about writing made for a great experience.
— Dr. Paul Semendinger, Principal, Ridgewood, NJ
I can’t tell you how much your visit meant to my students, my associate teacher and me...we are all so inspired. The kids can’t stop talking about the presentation. And they all created their own wonderfully wacky characters during writing time!
— Lily Howard, Teacher, Pasadena, CA
Because your performance was so visual and theatrical, all our students, including second language learners, were able to access the content and humor. Keep spreading the reading and writing joy!
— Holly Rucker, Librarian, Albuquerque, NM
Our kids were dazzled by your wonderful presentation. I have heard from so many parents who mentioned that “Shivers” was all they talked about on the way home. You made such a positive impact on our students!
— Cathy Sprague, Librarian, Mountain Lakes, NJ

We also offer Skype visits to classrooms and book groups!